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Aleph Edit

An assassin for the Office. Gabriel Allon is an Aleph.

Ayin Edit

A spotter or surveillance specialist. Eli Lavon was an Ayin.

Bat leveyha Edit

A female agent who poses as a the lover or spouse of a katsa in the field. Chiara Zolli was a bat leveyha.

Bodel Edit

Plural: Bodelim or Bodlim An Office courier. Moshe was a bodel.

Heth Edit

A logistician; Benjamin Stern has been a heth during Operation Wrath of God.

Katsa Edit

A case officer for the Office. Uzi Navot was a Katsa before being promoted.

Qoph Edit

A logistics officer.

Sayan Edit

Plural: Sayanim A Jew living outside Israel who has agreed to help the Office without being on the payroll. A sayan helps by providing support to field agents.

Blue Line

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