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The English Spy is the fifteenth novel in the Gabriel Allon series.


Death of a Princess Edit

Eamon Quinn uses a bomb to destroy a vessel carrying a famous woman who was once married to the future King of Emgland. Graham Seymour, the new director of British MI6, is tasked by Prime Minister Jonathan Lancaster to find the murderer. Seymour asks Uzi Navot of the Israeli Office for permission to use Gabriel Allon on the mission. Uzi agrees. Gabriel agrees reluctantly because his wife Chiara is about to give birth to twins. Gabriel sends Chiara home to Israel to await the birth.

Christopher Keller completes a mission for Anton Orsati, who expresses his gratitude and tells Christopher that he has a visitor waiting. The visitor, Gabriel, asks Christopher to help him in his quest on behalf of MI6.

Death of a Spy Edit

Bandit CountryEdit



Headlines in the synopsis are from the book.

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